How to Make Your Own Penetrating Oil for Stubborn, Rusted Fasteners

Just a quick tip today: 

I’ve tried just about every penetrating oil, rust-buster, liquid wrench, Kroil, etc, over the years, but always end up coming back to my home made stuff. 

I just broke loose a pair of really rusted-on little 1/4″ hex toaster element nuts in an early 1950’s Sunbeam this afternoon, and it reminded me that I haven’t shared this with you yet. ‘Been meaning to for a while. 

Most old geezers like me already know this trick because it’s been around for years, but it works better than any of the commercial stuff I’ve tried. 

Just mix automotive automatic transmission fluid (ATF) 50:50 with ordinary Acetone (both are available at auto parts stores) and shake it well. Wet any rusted, “frozen” bolts or nuts with it for a while (preferably overnight) and I think you’ll be happy with the results. In the case of this old toaster, it only took about 15 minutes for this stuff to do its work. 

I keep a half-dozen of these 2 ounce needle-oiler bottles on my work bench, and one of them is always filled with this super-handy solution. 

Anyway, that’s it for today – short and sweet! Thanks for stopping by! 

God bless you and yours in 2018, 

Dave Harnish

John 14:6

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I've been an appliance repair tech since 1972, with interests in most everything, including Bible study (I'm one of those KJV-only geezers), old Sunbeam Mixmasters, Maytag wringer washers, the outdoors, birds, hunting, metalworking, firewood cutting, and most anything going on outside on our mountain here in N. PA's 'Endless Mountains'.
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