Finding Uses for All Those Ash Trees

Hi Guys, 

So I’ve been felling and processing our dying Ash trees here just as fast as one person can. The woodshed’s stacked with about 3 years worth of the stuff, and I have piles of 54″ logs in the woods, with about 80 more trees to fell. 

‘Been trying to come up with uses for all of it, and the other day when I was about to order some more plastic felling wedges, had a thought. This doesn’t happen too often at my age, so I pay attention. 😉 

Why not make a simple jig and try cutting my own wedges out of last years’s Ash? I’d milled and stickered a few boards last summer with the chainsaw mill (you use a few wedges in that process, too), and those boards have dried and are very hard now. So that’s what I thought I’d tell you about. 

In the photo below is a crude and simple bandsaw jig I made (be kind – I’m no carpenter!) from a 2×4 to cut roughly 3×6 wedges, and it actually works pretty well. I didn’t plane them smooth because leaving them rough should help them grip better in the kerf.

Home-made Ash felling wedges and jig

I have yet to try these out, but once our current “polar vortex” moves through here, hopefully by next week, hope to get back to the woodlot (I’m a “fair weather lumberjack”, haha). 

I’ll keep you posted on how well they work. My only concern is that they might split easily when whacked hard. They are Ash, after all. We’ll see. 

Let me know if you’ve ever tried this, and also if you’ve come up with any good uses for Ash logs and/or lumber. I plan on seasoning some long splits to keep on hand for handles, etc. 

PS – On another note, I mentioned PCP air rifles last time, and continue to be just amazed by what modern ones can do. I’ve put 19 Gray Squirrels in the freezer with mine so far, and the Benjamin Marauder .22 is especially impressive. I had no idea they could be so powerful and accurate. 

God bless you and yours, and have a Great CHRISTmas! 

Dave Harnish

Wise men still seek Him
Acts 4:12


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