What’s That Bump” in the Night? Just Your Toilet Paper Roll…

OK, so it’s probably just me, but I’m wondering if any of you are bugged by this:

The last few times we bought toilet tissue (the “squeezably soft” name brand stuff my Lovely prefers), I’ve noticed the cardboard cores inside each roll have become really, really thin. They arrive smashed, with many of them twisted and wrinkled beyond anything even close to “round”. While surely not the most pressing thing in modern life, this is one of those little irritations that just bugs a mechanical type like me.

When one of these rolls is installed in our library’s dispenser and you pull on the paper’s end, instead of spooling off smoothly like it’s supposed to, that crushed core makes it thump, jump, and bang all over the place. 

After putting up with it for a month or two, thinking maybe we just got one bad batch of this stuff, I’ve noticed that nearly every roll we buy has this problem (the rolls  aren’t as wide as they used to be, either, but that’s another subject). 

One of the offenders, with the fix beside it

Anyway, as with most of life’s little glitches, the fix is simple. Cut a 4″ piece of standard 1-1/2″ plastic sink tailpiece and insert it into the roll’s core. Quiets things right down and everyone sleeps better. 

(Just remember to save and re-use the plastic tube when changing the roll) 

Hope that’s helpful to the one other person on the planet that it bothers. 😉 

God bless you and yours, 

Dave Harnish

John 14:6 KJV



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