It’s Been a While!

Hi guys, 

I apologize – it’s been a LONG time since I posted anything here. We lost our yellow lab Gracie, my ever-present “sidekick” and 2nd love of my life, back in late March 2016, and it just took all the wind out of my sails for a while. 

We finally got another puppy back in October, nearly 6 months old already. She’s becoming a fine dog, but I’m only now coming back up to speed with things around here. 

RIP Gracie 10/10/07 – 3/28/16
(She packed a lot of love into that little dash!) 

Thanks for your patience. Talk to you again soon! Happy Valentine’s Day! 

God bless you and yours,  

Dave Harnish

John 14:6

About Dave Harnish

I've been an appliance repair tech since 1972, with interests in most everything, including Bible study (I'm one of those KJV-only geezers), old Sunbeam Mixmasters, Maytag wringer washers, the outdoors, birds, hunting, metalworking, firewood cutting, and most anything going on outside on our mountain here in N. PA's 'Endless Mountains'.
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