Rainwater Getting Inside Your Car? Have a Sunroof?

Here’s one I recently learned in the “school of hard knocks”: car sunroofs have rain gutters and downspouts! 

I’d never thought about how a sunroof handles rain until our older Toyota Camry suddenly started getting a wet spot on the driver’s side floor whenever it rained hard. We couldn’t figure out where the water was coming from until a local mechanic clued us in on the fact that sunroofs don’t have water-tight seals around them. 

Rainwater is allowed to just run in around its edges, gets collected by a trough system, then drains down through a small tube (“downspout”) and onto the ground under the car. 

Like a frost-free refrigerator’s drain, this system is driven by gravity, and just like in a refrigerator, it takes very little “gunk” to clog it up. In our Toyota, the small plastic tube exits the sunroof area from its left front corner and is routed down through the roof pillar and the body just ahead of the driver’s door. 

In our case, a bit of hot water and compressed air cleared out the the drain tube clog and solved the issue. 

You’ll want to look for that if you ever have water leaking into your sunroof-equipped car and can’t find the source. Live and learn! 

God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish

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