Tired of Gas Can Spouts Designed by Bureaucrats Yet?

What have we allowed bureaucrats to do to our gas cans?! Don’t know if you’ve bought a new can lately, but if you have, you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

Evidently someone completely out of touch with the way things work out here in the real world felt a need to push some feel-good legislation on a slow day, so he or she decided gasoline and diesel fuel cans poured way too easily and had to be “modified”. Seems like the results are always the same when the government starts meddling with things (they cost more and no longer work). 

These new abominations take all day to trickle anything out of them, and half of what does trickle out gets spilled down your pant leg. (If I knew who thought up this obscenely dumb idea, I’d mail them a box full of these useless pieces of wasted tax dollars.) 

The worthless, spring-loaded design that comes with your new can will look something like this:


After fabricating my own nozzles, usually from copper tubing, I’m thrilled to report that I’ve finally found a solution to the problem, and the gasoline, premix, and diesel cans around our place actually *pour* now.

The fix is called the “Easy Pour” spout kit, and comes with an actual *vent*, a nice flex-spout, adapters to fit the two most common sizes of cans in use, and a couple other useful accessories. Here’s the one gallon can that the above worthless contraption rode home on, but that now actually pours: 



To install the vent, just drill a 1/2″ hole in the top of your can and snap it into the hole. Screw the new spout on, and that’s it; your can will work again. 

I’m really happy to have found this useful kit, and try to keep a couple of spares on hand here.  I’ve told lots of folks about them, and I’m pretty sure you’ll be happy to learn about them, too. 

They’re inexpensive and available on Ebay and Amazon (although who knows for how long! I’m stocking up!). This link will take you directly to the Ebay search results for them: 

(I’ve shortened the LONG Ebay URL to make it easier to handle) 

Happy pouring, and God bless you and Yours,

Dave Harnish

John 14:6 KJV


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