The Trouble With Galvanized Water Pipe

Welcome! I’m finally back among the living again, those rumors of my death having been greatly exaggerated. 😉 

Anyway, I wanted to tell you about the problem we recently had with the hot water just trickling into our clothes washer. The cold flow was fine, which is just the opposite of what you normally see with washer fill issues, so it got my attention.

Taking a look at the washer water supply lines, the only part of the cobbled-together hot line that wasn’t either copper or PVC was a single ancient galvanized 1/2″ pipe coupler, so I started there.

Turns out, that was the place to start. The hole in the center of the coupler was rusted nearly closed, with only about 1/8 inch left to pass hot water!

We’ve lived in this old farmhouse for nearly 40 years, and that fitting was in place for at least that long, so it does take a while for one to rust closed. Thought I’d give you a “heads-up” on the possibility, though, just in case you run into something similar. It’s just another one of those things that make you say “hmmm”. 

Hope that’s helpful.

God bless you and yours,
Dave Harnish

John 14:6

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I've been an appliance repair tech since 1972, with interests in most everything, including Bible study (I'm one of those KJV-only geezers), old Sunbeam Mixmasters, Maytag wringer washers, the outdoors, birds, hunting, metalworking, firewood cutting, and most anything going on outside on our mountain here in N. PA's 'Endless Mountains'.
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