Running HDMI Signals Longer Distances

Yikes. I’m soon gonna have to change the name of this little project to Things I’ve Learned This *Month*, or maybe even This *Quarter*! Just keeping up (mostly) with email overload is taking most of my time lately. ‘Guess everyone else is feeling like us: this winter was just too long and brutal, and it’s time for hibernation to be *over*!

Anyway, one of the things I was relieved to learn last week is that yes, it’s possible to run HDMI video 100 feet, to 3 displays at once.

For a while now, our church has been wanting to upgrade our single-screen video projection system to two HD TV’s on the walls, and we finally got that project done last week.

Our pro sound/tech guy moved out of the area a few years ago, and for some reason, this kind of tech stuff defaults to me, an ancient appliance repair geezer. Anyway, after doing a LOT of research on how far HDMI can be run without signal loss issues, answers varied wildly depending on who I asked. The most experienced pro I talked to about it *thought* it should work OK, but his final word on it was “best to just hook it up and see. Sometimes a system like that works, sometimes it doesn’t”. [sigh]

OK, so that wasn’t as encouraging as it could’ve been, but we proceeded anyway. ‘Bought the best quality cables I could find from via Amazon, and a little J-Tech 4-way powered HDMI splitter/amplifier, also via Amazon.

The primary cable has an inline amp halfway through its 75 length, and that, along with the testimonials of others who’ve used it, sold me on it. All 3 BlueRigger cables were a breeze to run, and are good quality cabling. Snaking 75 ft of thick cabling above a suspended ceiling could’ve been a lot tougher (having good help was a plus, too).

Bottom line: You can indeed run HDMI from a source (a laptop in this case) 75 feet to a powered 4-way splitter, then out 3 legs, 25 feet each, to 2 HD TV’s and a floor monitor (DVI input), with all 3 pictures looking gorgeous. Being able to breathe again when I saw them working was very nice, I must say. 😉

So again, I learned some things. Likely stuff I’ll never need to deal with again, but who knows? Maybe it’ll be of help to you. That’s the purpose of this little writing project, after all.

So, just in case you’re ever called upon to run HDMI, I hope this helps you breathe a little easier, too.

God bless you and yours,
Dave Harnish
John 3:3

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