A Word About Rust Removal Liquids

Back in September, we talked briefly about how well electrolysis works for rust removal.

Since then I’ve learned about yet another liquid said to be very effective, so I thought I’d try it. This one’s called “Evap0-Rust”, and although it worked better for me than WD-40’s “Rust Remover Soak”, sadly it’s not by much. I recently ran small overnight test soaks using both products here in the shop, and the results were pretty dismal, especially when cost is considered.


Overall I’ve been disappointed with liquid rust removers, especially after seeing how well electrolysis works. It’s a truly amazing process; simple, inexpensive, and very fast. I’ll be staying with that method.

‘Thought I’d update you on this, just in case you were about to spend good money on one of these liquids. For about the cost of a jug of one of these chemicals, you can pickup a cheap battery charger, dedicated plastic tub, and enough washing soda to de-rust a lot of steel!

Just my $.02 worth. Hope it’s of some help.

God bless you and yours,

“All things new…” Rev 21:5


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