Quick Tip: The Best Mousetrap Bait Ever!

Happy Thanksgiving, all! Hope you’re kicking back and taking some time off. Most of our kids are home for a visit today, and we are so abundantly blessed, all I can say is “Thank you, Lord”.

We just got about 9″ of beautiful, wet snow here on the hill, sticking to every twig. This is the season when mice love coming in and taking up residence in our 125 year-old cellar, and a snowstorm motivates them to do that in numbers that just don’t work for us.After checking the “trap line” in our cellar a little while ago, it dawned on me that some of you might not know the best bait for a mouse trap.

I’ve tried pretty much everything over the years, but hands-down the best bait to use is, surprisingly, Tootsie Rolls. Yep, good old T rolls. Our mice go after ’em like cocaine, and the sneaky little buggers can’t lick it off a trap like peanut butter!

Just chew a T roll up a bit or work it in your hand until soft, then work a gob onto the trap.

We should be saving all the pelts; could probably make a nice soft sweater, or something. 😉

God bless you,

Dave Harnish

1 Thess 5:18

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I've been an appliance repair tech since 1972, with interests in most everything, including Bible study (I'm one of those KJV-only geezers), old Sunbeam Mixmasters, Maytag wringer washers, the outdoors, birds, hunting, metalworking, firewood cutting, and most anything going on outside on our mountain here in N. PA's 'Endless Mountains'.
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