Two Quick Tips on Summer Bird Feeding

If you have sugar-loving ants getting into your Hummingbird feeders, try coating the feeder’s hanger with some ordinary blackboard or sidewalk chalk. For some reason, they hate crossing the stuff! I watched them try it again yesterday, and they refused to cross it to get to a feeder they’d been freely using before I did this to our hanger brackets.

Most of our feeders are under the edge of a porch roof, so rain doesn’t wash it off. If yours is out in the weather, you may have to re-apply it after a heavy rain, but it should last longer for me than the old method (kerosene on a piece of cloth, which worked, but dried out every few days).

I’ve mentioned how before how handy this home-made tool is, but I use two of these every day, and thought you could get some use out of it, too:

If you have bears and raccoons where you live, you already know how much they love to destroy bird feeders. Rubber buckshot is a wonderful invention, but the only lasting solution is to just bring the feeders inside overnight (One of the nice things about winter is just leaving the seed and suet feeders out 24/7).

This is no small job at our house, with over a dozen Hummer and seed feeders having to make the trip every morning and evening, but it’s a lot faster and easier using two simple “hook-sticks”.

Just a 3 foot piece of old broomstick (Note: ask your Lovely before commandeering her best broom for this!) with a row of 5 hooks attached about 8″ apart, one of these can make the job a one-trip affair. There are other uses for them, too, like carrying plastic bags of groceries, two per hook, from the car to the house, moving hanging baskets, etc.

Birdfeeder Hook Stick

It’s a simple but really handy tool. Make one, and let me know what other uses you find for yours.

God bless you and yours,

Dave Harnish

Acts 4:12

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