A Nice Accessory for the Kindle Fire

A very happy New Year to you! 

‘Found a really nice gadget recently that I thought you might find useful. 

I’ve used the Kindle Fire daily almost since Amazon introduced it, and just love the device. The first generation had a few quirks, minor irritations, really, but most of them have been nicely addressed in the newest 7″ HD version. 

The 7″ format has turned out to be the handiest size for me, for several reasons. I’ve used an iPod Touch Gen 4 for several years, and still carry one, but my vintage eyes much prefer the tablet. And I’m really starting to like the Android OS – a LOT. I use it for reading, email, browsing, and Bible study, both in church and at home, and unlike an iPad or the bigger Kindle HDX, its compact size isn’t a distraction to anyone around me at church. If they were printed, I’d need a huge wheelbarrow to carry the books that ride along with me in this amazing little device! 

Many of the minor annoyances I had with the earlier version involved its on-screen keyboard, which has been greatly improved in the HD. I do a lot of typing with it, mainly in Olive Tree’s outstanding Bible study software and also in the OfficeSuite Pro word processor, and want to tell you about a nice little Bluetooth keyboard that has made typing a LOT easier and faster. 

I’ve tried several wireless keyboards over the years, both with the Palm handhelds I carried for ages and with the iPod, and have always been disappointed. Tiny keys, connection issues, confusing key layouts, ‘soured’ me on the lot. Then my Lovely bought me this 80-key keyboard for CHRISTmas, and I’m in love with both of them – one a LOT longer than the other. 😉 It also works well with the iPod, and can be paired with up to 6 devices, but it’s been “sticking closer than a brother” to the Kindle. 

Cyberguys.com sells this one for $25 (#1380181) and it’s already worth much more than that to me. When typing, it feels roomier than its handy 5″ x 11″ size, with plenty of space for big old fingers.  I’m still discovering all of its built-in tricks (it included no documentation – need to find that) and I’m pretty sure you’ll be pleased with one of these, too.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt looks huge in the picture (click photo to enlarge) but it’s actually very handy and light. Takes two AAA batteries, and with an on/off switch underneath, they should last a long time. My office PC wireless keyboard also uses two AAA’s with no switch, and they last about 6 months in daily use. 

God bless you in 2014! 

Dave Harnish

Amos 4:13

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