A Handy Metal Cutting Saw for the Small Shop

Here’s a cool idea, from Jim Hornicek in the Sept/Oct issue of Home Shop Machinist Magazine. If your shop is a small one like mine, this one’s a keeper! 

It’d be great to have a full-sized metal cutting band saw, but I have limited floor space here in my small shop/office. Most cutting jobs I get into are of smaller material, and I had this ancient little table saw lying around, gathering dust.

‘Pressed in new bushings, and replaced its tired old wood blade with a 6″ x .040″ carbide cutoff wheel, hit it with a quick coat of paint, and connected it up to a dryer motor. What a handy addition to the shop! A more powerful motor will be better, and that’s on my list, but even with a 1/4 hp, this has been just the ticket for quickly cutting and trimming small pieces of metal into shape. 

A winning idea! Thanks, Jim! 

Hope that’s helpful. 

God bless you, 

John 14:6

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