Update: Mounting a Dremel Tool – to Your Metal Lathe

A while back we talked about a simple little tool you can make to hold your Dremel in a standard bench vise, and I use those nearly every day here in the shop. I leave them attached to my Dremels, and often have two mounted side-by-side in the vise. 

I sometimes need to mount a Dremel securely to the metal lathe’s tool post, too. I’ve tried several home-made devices for that over the years, with limited success. None of them have been solid enough to do really accurate grinding or small milling . 

As is usually the case, I’m not the first to need something like this, and I recently found a mount that works perfectly. Screws onto a Dremel’s business end like my vise mount, then clamps solidly into a standard lathe toolholder. Here’s what it looks like, ready to drop onto the lathe’s QC post and get to work: 


Machined from a nice solid chunk of aluminum by Alisam Engineering, these come in several different styles and sizes, and work out great for the small work I do. Like my flat steel version, they also allow a Dremel to be quickly clamped in a vise. Super handy! 

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