Some Cold Notes on Mass Murder

Warning: May contain material that offends, and if so, I apologize in advance for any pain it causes you.

 A few cold, hard facts I’ve learned over the years about mass murders, shootings in particular. 

 (I was originally going to report on the progress of the design and prototyping of an electric suet cage I’m working on to dispatch our problem Starlings, but that seems pretty trivial at the moment, and should wait until more results are in, anyway)

In light of the recent news from Connecticut, I thought I’d jot down some things I’ve noticed over the course of the last couple of decades regarding shootings in schools and other gatherings. I’m writing this more to help clear my own thoughts than anything, and certainly mean no offense to anyone with it. With nearly no memory these days, I need to record a thought as it happens, or it’s gone. 😉

First of all, my heart goes out to the parents and families of the victims, young and old, of this demonically-inspired evil. I can’t imagine the chaotic mixture of emotions a tragedy like this generates.

Setting aside emotional reactions to these events as much as is humanly possible, and trying to observe them from a strictly analytical perspective, can shed a lot of light on how far our society has degraded, among other things. While we’ve all seen far too many of these kinds of horrendous tragedies (and they will increase as we draw nearer the end of the age, the Book guarantees it), I’ve always found it fascinating that the responses are the same, and so predictable.

From those living in both nations of the U.S. (in case you hadn’t noticed, there are now at least two Americas residing inside her borders), responses are normally hasty and illogical, sadly. Politicians are usually the fastest and most visible of those exploiting the death of innocents to further their politics, and this latest event was certainly no exception.

One of the first and most universal reactions you’ll hear is some variation of “how/why could God allow this?” My perspective is somewhat different because I started out in a farm-community 2-room Mennonite elementary school, then experienced the shell-shock of being dropped “cold turkey” into a Philadelphia public junior high, then its high school. Even in the mid-60’s, the difference was bone-jarring.

But please forgive me, I have to start with a simplified answer that likely sounds cold and callous, as the truth often does: “Don’t blame God. He’s not been allowed in our public schools since the early 60’s.” I remember when He was very much present in, and the center of, our school, and those memories are the most pleasant, peaceful ones I have of any of my (long-ago) school days.

God calls it “reaping the whirlwind”, as Hosea penned it to his nation in chapter 8 of his section of the Book. His country was also experiencing the same inevitable downward spiral seen in America today. Sadly, every nation that rejects God, and every one that has ever done so down through history, comes to the same end. We are yet one more example of that old saying “We learn from history only that men learn nothing from history.”

Another glaring, hasty inconsistency always – always – present immediately after one of these horrors, is the loud and emotional clamor for more “gun control” laws – as if this evil is the fault of an inanimate object. Let me be clear on this point: we don’t have a weapons problem; we have a HEART problem, a genetic defect we inherited called SIN. Until that’s corrected (and it can be, one heart at a time!) this kind of evil will continue to worsen, regardless how many laws we pass. Again, guaranteed.

By the way, have you noticed that nearly all of these events occur in so-called “gun-free zones”? I find that, too, enlightening. Connecticut boasts the 5th most restrictive gun laws in America, and its school doors, like those in most states today, are kept securely locked. (Sadly, gone are the days when the occasional bird would fly into the classroom through an open door 😉 )

Does anyone with any capacity for logic truly believe that passing yet another law will stop anyone with the will to do harm from doing it? Or that we can legislate morality at all?

Just one more observation, if I may: it appears many of the most vehemently outspoken folks that are “horrified”, and even shedding tears, real or feigned, over this cold-blooded murder of 20 kindergarten children, would consider themselves “pro-choice” (more accurately, “anti-life”). This takes hypocrisy to a whole new level, my friends.

Please hear me carefully (I warned you at the top this would be cold and analytical): I do not in any way want to belittle the bone-crushing anguish that grieving parents in CT are experiencing today, and that they will bear for the rest of their lives. But we murder several thousand innocent children in America every day – for the sake of convenience! And we reach in and do it in what should be the safest place on earth: their mother’s own, nurturing womb. That is perhaps the most inconsistent and hypocritical of all of modern man’s evils, and marks the most barbaric of cultures.

PS –  Since we’re discussing mass murders of children, here are the numbers, updated ‘live’:

Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

The writing will be much lighter next time, I promise! 😉 

God bless, 

Dave Harnish
Prov. 33:12


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