A Lesson on Prayer, From a Cardboard Box

How much do I lack simply because I don’t ask my Heavenly Father for it – BEFORE running around trying to ‘figure it out’ in my own power?

He’s tried to teach me this lesson over and over, and just did it yet again:

Last week I needed a large, 24″ square box to ship a wringer washer tub to a customer in Colorado, with none on hand. The nearest source for one that I know of is about 18 miles from the shop, so I asked the Lord to guide me to one nearby. Because He delights in showering his children with the desires of their hearts, He supplied, not just one, but FOUR 24″ x 24″ X 24″ heavy duty boxes, the perfect size for cutting down in height to ship the wringer tub.

But that’s not all: the boxes WEREN’T EMPTY! T
hrough an unlikely series of events (of the kind He specializes in arranging), each of the boxes had several hundred dollars worth of new washer parts inside, stripped from 8 brand new machines! A colleague and I are posting these parts for sale online and they should go fast.

Nearly 6 decades old and His child for over half my life, you’d think I would’ve learned this by now: Pray FIRST! And not just for the ‘big stuff’. Don’t hesitate to ask about the ‘little’ things, too. (It’s ALL little stuff to Him!)

God Bless,


Nehemiah 9:6 


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I've been an appliance repair tech since 1972, with interests in most everything, including Bible study (I'm one of those KJV-only geezers), old Sunbeam Mixmasters, Maytag wringer washers, the outdoors, birds, hunting, metalworking, firewood cutting, and most anything going on outside on our mountain here in N. PA's 'Endless Mountains'.
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