How 90 MPH Air Makes Life Easier

We bought a Stihl leaf blower last Fall, and although it’s blown only a few leaves (but a lot of other things) so far, it’s becoming one of my favorite outdoor power tools around here. We’ve wanted to try one for a while now, and it’s been earning its keep.

While I don’t see it ever replacing a wet-vac for overall “handiness”, I find myself grabbing this time-saver way more often than tools like air hoses, brooms, or even a wet-vac set to blow air (I’m pushing 60, and time seems WAY more precious than it used to!). Its portability and nearly instant starting are real advantages.

Anyway, we didn’t have many big snows this past winter, but a lot of little nuisance ones, and a good leaf blower’s perfect for moving it off decks, sidewalks, and even vehicles, in a hurry.

We also have a Sears lawn tractor with a nasty habit of packing grass clippings around the right spindle of its mower deck, in a spot purposely engineered, it seems, to prevent anything hand-sized from getting anywhere near it. Enter Mr Stihl, and in about 30 seconds, all the clippings from the top of the deck are GONE, clean as the proverbial whistle.

Thinking maybe it’ll clean out our rain gutters this Fall, and I’m pretty sure it’ll blast open a clogged downspout.

I’m sure there are tons of other uses for it we haven’t discovered yet (blow-drying Gracie, our Lab, after she’s been swimming in the pond was one app I tried, but she won’t hold still for it). Thought about seeing how fast it’d push a canoe across the pond, a la jet boat…

Let me know if you’ve found any unique and/or interesting uses for one of these, and we’ll see what kinds of mischief we can get into. I hope to pick up the vacuum attachment for it soon; that’ll open up a whole new realm of possibilities. 😉

PS – I’m up to some 16 uses for the handiest of all power tools, the lowly wet-vac, listed on this page:

If we can find as many uses for a blower, I’ll post the list.

God bless,

Prov. 9:10

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